On Thursday, 9th November, the closing ceremony of the Annual General Meeting of Great Wine Capitals took place at the Veramonte Winery in Casablanca. This event brought to a close the

Wine students looking to broaden their global insights can register their interest to travel to our Great Wine Capitals regions as part of an exchange to study and gain invaluable cultural

The meeting includes a plenary session as well as communication, tourism and business and research workshops. A tourism program will allow the delegates to choose between wineries featuring boutique properties, sparkling

The international award winners are chosen from among the ‘Best Of’ winners from each Great Wine Capital. This year, there were 377 entrants and 59 local award winners worldwide.

The ‘Best



Château La Dominique (gold)

At Château La Dominique, aging wine is a true art form, as reflected in the architecture of the bold modern