SpeakEasy: Kyle Schlachter, Colorado Wine Press
Kyle Schlachter in his element.

Do you have a coastal bias when it comes to wine? Then come with me and explore what's happening in

Eric Asimov


Eric Asimov is the primary wine critic at the New York Times, where he writes two columns for the paper, “Wines of the Times and "

Value and Summer in a Glass: Italian Wines With A Voce's Olivier Flosse
A Voce

Born, raised, and trained in France, A Voce's Wine Director Olivier Flosse arrived in New

“Puglia Experience 2014/2015 – Apulia Audiovisual workshop” is a travelling workshop for professional scriptwriters. It is a highly specialised programme that meets three purposes of the Apulia Film Commission Foundation: promoting

Robert Parker Jr.


Robert M. Parker is a prominent and well-known American wine critic, considered to be one of the most influential people in the wine industry today.