Further growth in 2013 for the Apulia Film Commission: 56 film projects completed with a 51% increase compared with 2012.

Against funding of €2m, the

Video interview with Napa Valley pioneer Peter Mondavi Sr., owner of Charles Krug.

Importer Profiles: Louis/Dressner Selections

Import Focus: The portfolio features wines with an emphasis on natural winemaking techniques and originality in the bottle. L/D wines subscribe to non-interventionist methods, such as

Rosenthal Wine Merchant

Import Focus: This company works with winemakers that aren’t afraid of getting dirty in the fields. Rosenthal focuses exclusively on estate wines from Europe, driven by terroir.

Banfi is the largest wine producer in Montalcino. It was founded in 1919 by John Mariani Sr. an American wine importer from Long Island and now run by his grandchildren. We