Negramaro grape

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You will visit the glorious Negramaro vineyards, where the world-known native wine of Puglia is produced.

Negroamaro (or Negramaro) is a black-grape grapevine and it is cultivated almost exclusively in Puglia, particularly in the Salento area. The origin of the name Negroamaro is the repetition of the word 'black' in two languages: “niger” in Latin and “mavros” in Ancient Greek, which then became “maru” in the local dialect. It is one of the most important vines of southern Italy.

The grape is extremely versatile and extensively used in the vinification of rosé wines. Both pure wines and blended wines are commercialized. One very famous wine produced from Negroamaro is Salice Salentino DOC, which is obtained by blending 85% Negroamaro grapes with 15% Malvasia Nera grapes. This blend creates the perfect balance, as Malvasia can beautifully contrast the bitter notes that are typical of Negroamaro.

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