Primitivo wine tasting a diferent holidayThis is one of the itineraries we could explore during our groupprivate or luxury tours (details in the relevant sections).

Pliny, Roman author and philosopher, defined Manduria as the town “full of vines”. Manduria is in fact the homeland and the main production centre of Primitivo.

You will visit a typical rural area boasting eighty-year-old Alberello vines, thousand-year-old olive oil trees, dry-stone walls and charming towns full of art and architecture. The fertile red soil surrounding the area receives the energy coming from the blue sea of the Ionian coast. This was once the epicentre of the “Magna Grecia”, the name given by the Romans to the coastal areas of Southern Italy. The landscape is dotted with tiny Alberello vineyards, from which the full-bodied red Primitivo originates.

Primitivo is one of Southern Italy's leading red grapes whose origins date back to the 18th century. It was originally grown along the Dalmatian Coast and then was brought to Puglia.

Recent research has revealed that it has also been shipped to California from Croatia to be renamed as Zinfandel. Certainly both varieties are rich in sugar/alcohol content & wild berry notes.

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